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Here's yet another open-source network monitoring tool, developed by the Cistron group . It can keep track of all sorts of services running on all sorts of hosts in a network (such as the entire Internet, if you like), report on failures as desired, and store results of its checks in a database.

Little Brother (LB) was designed to monitor network operation, not to detect intrusions. By logging status information to a database, it enables quality of service auditing as well as guarding servers and services. Cistron uses the package to ensure that customers' websites, as well as its own, are up and serving data; to warn when printers run out of paper or toner; to compare network reliability to that of its competitors; and even to monitor (and, if necessary, restart) copies of itself running on various servers.

Little Brother is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


The following are currently required to compile and run Little Brother:

Why We Did It

There are many network monitoring tools out there, many of them available as Free Software. These include Angel, autostatus, Big Brother, Big Sister, BigBen, NetSaint, etc. Feature-wise, Little Brother isn't the best package out there by far.

One problem that many of these tools have in common however, is code quality. Written to get the job done, they are frequently sloppy in handling unexpected results or error conditions. Little Brother has been written and inspected specifically with such conditions in mind, and usually handles them well.

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